Buy Traffic:

Quality traffic- real time visitors can be acquired through our real time bidding platform. You can buy traffic targeting the geo of your choice along with age group, gender region, device, Operating system, time even. The whole system is so very easy to use you just have to copy image and give us headlines and the url of your landing page – all is set and as per your choice only. You just go live and place your bid!

We provide you–

1. Smart Targeting-The best way to reach your target audience by Smart Targeting, Reaching out to the global audiences on all devices and platforms through our targeting technology is our goal. Identifying In app and all devices and reaching out to our unique audience is what we are best at and we help you place your ads on platforms that best suit your requirements and give you most engaging traffic.

2.Geolocation-You know your product better and know what kind of audience you are looking for , we give you freedom to choose your preferred geos,cities and even time zones.

3. Browsers-Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer along with other most popular web browsers you can choose from all!

4. Device and OS-We help you engage your audience based on Device and OS targeting as well.

5. Frequency and Capping-To make your campaigns more effective and decrease the possibility of too much marketing and negative impact we help you Choose the number of times your ad is displayed to any one user per day, week or month.

6.Day Parting-The freedom to choose the day and hours of displaying your ads to your target audience.

7.Demographic-for effective reach we have given you control and choice to decide, gender, geos, time, age group of your targeted audience.

8.Languages-Freedom to choose the language /websites that you want your ads to show on.

9.Contextual Targeting- The smart way to target your user according to his /her choice of content.

10.Behavioral Targeting-Determining web-browsing behavior and targeting on the basis of it makes it more effective.

11.Fraud Detection-11.Fraud Detection--- We have technology and tools that will help you detect fraud, identifying and eliminating it on your choice. This empowers you to control your ad budget and not waste it on low quality traffic.

12. Proactive Account management -Our technical teams work around the clock to guarantee timely identification and prevention of any irregular activity and they help you in optimizing your campaigns for effective results.

13. Easy Platform for Self Service-User-friendly and easy self-service platform. You Choose, launch and manage precisely targeted ad campaigns independently. This platform helps you have all your ad related statistics at your call to manage your ads effectively.

16 A. Native advertising-– helps you reach the levels you wish for. We help brands to build through native advertising on Webs sites and newsletters. Media companies generate +5 billion daily email impressions with higher engagement rates. Publishers who have made it bigger have dedicated audience and traffic which are unique and have the best engagement rates, we give you a doorway to showcase on them.

Effective & extensive targeting capabilities like specific newsletter title or website, ad slot placement, geolocation, device and browser, etc., your native ad retains the look and feel of the newsletter or website you wish for not only on web but including on mobile.

So, why wait? Just sign up and get started to explore more and be and effective & smart advertiser.

16 B. Display banner-Option for Traditional display banners in various sizes like 120x600, 160x600, 250x250, 300x250, 336x280, 468x60, 728x90.

16C. Site Under-A landing page displayed in a full size browser window under your website. This format generally provides high earnings as it bring the visitor’s attention directly to the ad. On mobile, the site- under adjusts to a Full Screen Mobile Ad.

16 D. Footer Ad-This format Sticks and maintains its position in the browser even though the visitor scrolls down the page he or she can see the ad thus resulting in a higher CTR

16E. Interstitial –For better revenues and engagement, interstitial ads are best, the visitor gets to see them in between web pages.

16 F. Background Ad-Ad units that adapt to the layout of your website, and are being displayed behind your site at the margins of your page are eye catching and grab quick attention.

16 G. In app Interstitial-Ad formats which are full screen and can be displayed either horizontally or vertically on the device, generally generate a higher click through rate.

16 H. In app Footer-Ad unit suitable for all screen resolutions is put at the footer of the screen, grabs attention and gets more clicks.